Tuesday, 1. March 2016

At the opening event, R and R was introduced to over 100 attendees from the Compound through a programme that included readings of poems by Daya Pawar, Narayan Surve and Namdeo Dhasal.


Located in a rebuilt shed in Lallubhai Compound, a slum “resettlement and rehabilitation” colony in Mumbai, R and R is, among others, a productive space for exploring the world, a wedge in the developmental discourses of want and plight, and an articulation of incremental politics.

Venue: R and R, behind building 21-B, Lullubhai compound, Mankhurd, Mumbai

Founding members: CAMP (Zinnia Ambapardiwala, Shaina Anand, Simpreet Singh and Ashok Sukumaran), Khanabadosh (Gitanjali Dang), Rupali Gupte and Prasad Shetty