Beyond Welcome by CTC. Curating the City

Friday, 27. May 2016

An initiative by Khanabadosh (Mumbai) and Institute for Contemporary Art Research (IFCAR), Zurich University of the Arts

Beyond Welcome: Another Planning
CTC. Curating the City in cooperation with Silent University Hamburg

Saturday, May 28, 2016
Parade: 2 pm, starting at Karolinenplatz / Messehallen, Hamburg
Public Hearing: 4 pm at Axel-Springer-Platz, Hamburg

Does Hamburg have a “refugee problem”? No, Hamburg has a housing problem. For decades real estate developers and politicians have treated cities as if mainly high earners lived there, as if low-income people and the homeless had no right to the city, and, as if the worldwide flow of forced migration couldn’t reach Europe.


The arrival of more than one million refugees from war, poverty and terror has clarified that this kind of city planning in Germany is irresponsible. All of a sudden it’s obvious that a policy that habitually fears “ghettoisation” when it comes to social housing will fail to cope with the historic challenges of our time. The neoliberal city has been unable to develop concepts for good, affordable and sustainable housing,
it has turned the social housing scheme into a subsidy-scheme for investors – and all this is taking its toll now. It’s high time to talk about how to build our cities in a new way.


In reaction to this, a parade of choreographed blocs will take place on May 28,
rounding off with a public hearing with the motto “Another planning is possible”. The
parade will start at Karolinenplatz / Messehallen with questions originally posed by
the Hamburg Chamber of Architecture: Why does Hamburg need a congress centre
in such a central location that for the most part of the year will not be used? Wouldn’t
it be better if it were located on the outskirts? Could we reuse and remodel the
fairground architecture?


The parade will end at the square of the unoccupied Axel Springer House, a former
publishing house. With its 90,000 square meters this site would make for a perfect
example of a different kind of housing plan. It is the right place for a public hearing
for a city in which “higher and more” shouldn’t only benefit those who can afford it.
Initiated by CTC. Curating the City, Schwabinggrad Ballett / Arrivati, Netzwerk Recht
auf Stadt, Recht auf Stadt—Never Mind the Papers, and many more.

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CTC. Curating the City (Sophie Goltz, Alice Peragine, Christoph Schäfer) is part of Draft, a yearlong project anchored in nine interdisciplinary collaboratives—Beijing, Cairo, Cape Town, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Mumbai, St. Petersburg and Zurich—which collectively consider contemporary art that produces, provokes and contributes to critical public debates.