Sunday, 29. May 2016

The space R and R is holding its first exhibition, titled Letter Opening. It focuses on letter writing, as in both mail and characters. Lasting a month, the exhibition opens up and interacts with reading via the library (under construction). Some of the more interactive works in the exhibition have drawn out children from the neighbourhood, offering them the opportunity to draw, use different colouring techniques, solve puzzles or explore the exhibition. 

Venue: R and R, behind building 21-B, Lullubhai compound, Mankhurd, Mumbai
Opening on Sunday, 29 May 2016, from 6 pm
Exhibition open: 29 May – 2 July 2016

Anonymous via Kush Badhwar, I am not your ideal job-seeker, 1960s
Atul Dodiya, Letter from father
Awaaz-e-Niswan (Geeta Mahajan and Shahnaaz Shaikh), Aisa Khat mein Likho, with Arif Shaikh and Neela Bhagwat
Ekta Rehvasi Seva Sangh, Writing for electricity
Gauri Gill, Words and drawings on the walls of schools in Rajasthan
Himanshu S and friends, Mandala eviction letter becomes a newspaper
Javed Iqbal, Hum Nahin Hatenge photos
Jhelum Paranjape, Suhita Thatte and Smitalay, Savitri Vadate, Letters she wrote
Maanvi, Pranali Garud, Priyamvada Jagia, Tarishi Verma, Vishal Langhthasa, A film about the letter writer as archivist and activist
Mithu Sen, Hairy letters in non-language
Mukta Salve, Open letter from 1855
Pash, Khuli Chitthi, Censor Hone Wale Khat ka Dukhant
Poonam Jain, Coded sentence, a concentric writing book
RTI enthusiasts, Creative demands and responses
Sanjeev Khandekar and Vaishali Narkar, A painting that opens a letter
Shilpa Gupta, An invitation to colour a sentence
Shreyas Karle, A booklet on redundant terms in Marathi news