Saturday, 10. December 2016

R and R is creating a new kind of library, one combining books, ephemeral publications and journals, children's literature, audio recordings and online material in multiple languages. The library will be open to the public on several days every week. Visitors will be able to produce their own translations, recordings, pamphlets, and other objects in conversation with the library. 


In April 2016, R and R launched a call for contributions, books, story books, art, culture and political journals or magazines, comics, local histories, and print collections. In various languages including Marathi, Hindi, English, Tamil, Nepali and Urdu.


The library project has involved periodical discussions focusing broadly on people’s histories and involving live translations (English to Marathi) of literary classics and pages from the Tell Me Why series, among others. 


The library was opened on 10 December 2016. The R and R library now holds over 1000 selected books and bound collections. They are arranged in approximately four large categories: Children's and young adult books, Marathi books and pamphlets, Classic fiction and poetry in Hindi, English, Urdu and Marathi, and Reference books such as encyclopedias and textbooks. A seperate digital/scanned and media collection is being established.

Venue: Library at R and R, behind building 21-B, Lullubhai compound, Mankhurd, Mumbai
Opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 2–7 pm, Sunday, 3–7 pm