Thursday, 24. September 2015

Since 24 September 2015, Rosa’s House of Culture has been forced to stop its public activities in the ArtMuza space. The directorate of ArtMusa informed us that they had received “the signal from the FSB,” and because they are not going to risk their business, they unilaterally broke the lease. Naturally, this is against the law. Comments: Our House of Culture is an educational and cultural centre that aims to promote critical thinking among artists, cultural workers and activists interested in analysing and in participating in social change processes. An important part of the public programme of the House of Culture involves discussing topical social projects, among others, raising important issues such as convening a round table of doctors and patients at the closing emergency department on Vasilyevsky Island. We have not done anything illegal. We have not distributed forbidden literature, nor have we committed or incited violence. Our activities have not been recorded as extremist or even as undesirable. We believe that the termination of the annual lease agreement by ArtMusa is yet another example of the self-censorship pervading our entire society. We have decided not to challenge the decision in court as management cluster has the power to legally paralyse our public works. In fact, this has already happened when Art Muza guards behaved rudely and inappropriately towards project participants and our guests. Therefore, instead of litigating against ArtMuza we prefer to find a new space. We are confident that Rosa’s House of Culture will open in October at a new venue and with an even more intense and important programme. Text: Chto Delat

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