Thursday, 29. June 2017

Visual intervention and performance, Kollegeinhaus Basel University, 29–30 June 2017

The Psychotropic Gold Refining project aims to stimulate participants' bodies at the 7th European African Studies Conference through golden acupuncture, meditations on pure gold and evaporations of Golden Viagra towards molecular and aphrodisiac transformations. In addition, a visual intervention in Walter Eglin's large mosaic (1938–1946) will be performed on the façade of the Basel University's main building (Kollegienhaus): Mothers send their boys from the innocence of rural Switzerland to university for their philantropic initiation through knowledge and aesthetics. This intervention affects the canonised incarnation, the “Mission” of male, white boys with the libidinal trading of gold, one of the world's most treasured commodities.


A video call during the 7th European African Studies Conference calls for personal gold and jewelery in Basel. The gold will be brought to Walter Eglin's The Mission (1938–1946), a large-sized mosaic standing at the conference centre, the Kollegienhaus on Petersplatz, to be refined psychotropically. The Personal Gold is to be freed from its calvinistic invisibility and postcolonial amnesia.

Performance: Decanonising the University
Venue: Kollegienhaus, Basel University.
Between 12h30 and 14h on both days.

knowbotiq with Martina Buzzi and Gabriel Flückiger
A Piece of Street, curated by Kadiatou Diallo

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