Sunday, 17. April 2016

Workshop between 17 April and 31 May 2016, at Wekalet Behna, 1 El Kenisa el Maruniyya Street, Manshiyya, Alexandria, Egypt. Public interventions at El Dokkan, El-Gaish Rd, and elsewhere on the streets of Alexandria, Egypt.

During the workshop, Alia Mossallam, theatre director Salam Yousri and graphic artist/storyteller Lena Merhej engaged with the primary archival material researched for Elsewhere – Struggles Across the Sea together with young scholars, activists and artists from Alexandria. The workshop also unearthed stories and characters from court archives, songs from dusted off LPs, rumours, theatre scripts, publications and sites that have all survived to the present day in Alexandria.


The week-long workshop explored how these archives might be re-churned and their stories re-told. The subsequent public interventions attempted to introduce these ideas, findings, reflections and retellings into the streets of Alexandria. The interventions included an installation at El Dokkan, a hand-made publication and skits in public spaces.


The workshop took place in collaboration with Speak, History (Ihky ya Tarikh), an experiment in historical re-telling and Wekalet Behna, an art space embedded in a cinema archive and production company. The interventions were developed in collaboration with Gudran Association for Art and Development.

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