Sunday, 26. June 2016

Buring Museum propose a reinterpretation of the relationship between the city’s Arabic and Afrikaans heritage in a tandem visual art and music performance. Bo Kaap, 26 June 2016, 2pm – 4pm.

Straatpraatjies is an interpretation of the entangled history of the city’s Arabic and Afrikaans languages and scripts in a synchronistic street art and music collaboration. Burning Museum (Justin Davy, Tazneem Mononoke Wentzel, Jarrett James Erasmus and Grant Jurius) is a collaborative interdisciplinary collective in Cape Town that engages with diverse themes such as history, identity, space and structures: “We are interested in the seen and unseen, the stories that linger as ghosts on gentrified street corners.” In this intervention, the collective collaborated with Saarah Jappie, Atiyyah Khan, Reza Khota and Garth Erasmus.

See video documentation here (Youtube).