DVD EDITION (Beijing Collaborative)

Saturday, 1. June 2019

The DVD compilation contains Ju Anqi’s film Drill Man (2016), which was produced within the framework of Draft. The edition also includes his film There’s a Strong Wind in Beijing (1999), as well as a trailer for A Missing Policeman (2016) and interviews about the making of A Missing Policeman. In the accompanying booklet, Zhang Yaxuan's essay Freedom is Indivisible discusses Ju Anqi’s works.

Authors: Ju Anqi, Zhang Yaxuan, Ling Meng
Editors: Gitanjali Dang, Barbara Preisig, Christoph Schenker
Translation: Zhang Yaxuan, Wang Yamu

Draft, 2019
DVD compliation with booklet
4 films, 116 minutes
29 pages,13.7 x 18.7cm
ISBN 978-3-9525150-0-6

© 2019 Ju Anqi
This DVD is intended solely for the purposes of researching and studying the artistic work of Ju Anqi. It may be used exclusively for private and educational purposes.